Academic ghostwriting: the strange inflation of the agencies

Academic ghostwriting: the strange inflation of the agencies

In recent years, the number of ghostwriting agencies has increased sharply. What is behind this trend?

It can be assumed that three factors in particular play a role here: on the one hand, academic ghostwriting has been the subject of much discussion in the media at least since the Guttenberg affair. On the other hand, the number of academics has just increased in the “breadless” arts. A third point could be that ghostwriters, who have previously worked for agencies, see a chance in start-ups. After all, it seems far more convenient to mediate than to write for yourself (especially for those “ghostwriters” who were not particularly successful in their actual writing activity!).

What does this mean for clients who turn to agencies? Does not greater diversity mean a wider choice and a more customer-friendly market? Sadly, this is not the case. Because in Ghostwriting other conditions prevail than with products or conventional services: Who buys a calculator can compare processor speed, storage capacity in the catalog and who books a taxi, has at least a rough orientation based on the price, with hardly any quality differences may arise.

However, ghostwriting agencies can not provide a technical datasheet that shows the exact benefits of each writer. After all, writing is an extremely complex activity, especially in the academic field: what if the text seems conclusive at first glance, but on closer inspection has larger gaps?

Customers should be treated honestly. It is also important to tell them that the quality of agencies – even those of high quality – is never constant and can never be constant.

For as much as each topic can be individually designed, each author also has peculiarities and fluctuating daily forms. What differentiates reputable from dubious agencies, above all, is the way in which orders are handled, and possible problems are solved: through targeted individual approach by qualified authors and through goodwill towards the customer.