Ghostwriting guide

Ghostwriting guide

The study has started, the room in the flat is furnished and the housework is waiting to be written. Gradually, however, shows that this task was underestimated. What to do?

The literature is not available or unmanageable, the time passes by the deadline. As with all other difficulties, first of all the internet is questioned. But which search term should it be? “Help with housework”? “Housework help”? “Ghostwriting housework”?

All these terms yield numerous hits: large and small agencies that seem more or less trustworthy, but also individual ghostwriters.

The problem: There are a number of sites that target a very young clientele that can easily be fooled with a little marketing vocabulary about the lack of expertise of a ghostwriter. Nobody – especially not a student under great pressure – can check whether the information on specialist areas, discretion, number of employees and customer satisfaction are actually correct. The rumors, which are scattered on certain sites targeted against named agencies, do not contribute to the improvement of the situation.

Especially inexperienced customers are considered to be the ideal source of income for many agencies: These customers do not know the market and often can not assess the level of performance provided by the ghostwriter – be it a consultation or writing a work template. In the worst case, later in the professional assessment, a nasty surprise threatens: The text does not meet the scientific standard, there are no citations and evidence and the argument has large gaps.

Only established and long-term active agencies can be assured of genuine quality standards without customers having to engage in a risky game. These agencies do not produce their customers on a flat-rate or package basis, but deliver tailor-made suggestions and texts.